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ExtractoDAO specializes in issuing trading contracts for various products and markets, integrating real-world economy with blockchain technology. Ethereum tokenizes any asset, Drawer attaches any physical or virtual asset to smart contracts, and delivers it to the buyer. We started with an exclusive futures contract with a 135-day term, which upon expiration results in the burning and generation of the stablecoin COW, pegged to the US dollar and exchangeable for other currencies such as USDC, USDT, USD, and DAI. The contract is called Extracto@, based on cattle fattening.

Additionally, our exclusive futures contract with a 135-day term generates revenue in stablecoins that exceeds MakerDAO, CurveDAO, Aave, and any staking that locks currency for the same period. With cattle fattening profits ranging from 3% to 14% in just 135 days, ExtractoDAO is a DeFi like any other that locks cryptocurrencies. However, it has the unique characteristic of "closing a contract" while producing real-world commodities and avoiding insane multilateral risks of bets or speculations.

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